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Tonka Old Fashioned

Tonka Old Fashioned

Our Old Fashioned is very smooth on the palette. The addition the Tonka and Vanilla gives the cocktail hints of swetness.

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The Tonka Old Fashioned is best enjoyed as an digestivo, after a meal. Just open the sealed wax and pour very cold over ice.

One bottle is between 6 to 8 cocktails


All natural ingredients - Vegan

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Does it contain alcohol?

Yes, everything is inside the bottle ready to be served.

The alcohol percentage is 24%

What are the Tonka Old Fashioned ingredients?

Brandy, Tonka Beans, Vainilla, Demerara Sugar

How long does it last once opened?

Our cocktails doesn't expire but once opened store in the fridge for better quality conservation.

Ready to Drink

There's nothing better than enjoying a cocktail in your favourite bar - except maybe having the same quality made cocktail in the comfort of your own home.

Never battle with crowds, struggle for a seat, or have to queue just to enjoy your favourite cocktail again!

Pack a bottle of EAST DROPS Tonka Old Fashioned for your next dinner with family and friends.

Artisinal and small batch spirits and ingredients

Small Batch Brandy: We use small batch Brandy that is distilled twice from Vilafranca del Penedès, near Barcelona. Aged in 300L french oak barrels for five years.

Tonka beans: Tonka has a very delicatte flavour, often used by the best pastry chefs.

Vanilla: Our vanilla comes from madagascar.

Demerara: We source this unrifined sugar from a producer that works with bio plantations.